Nothing More Exciting Than Living The Easy Life with Renewable Energy

Our aim is to provide affordable renewable energy solutions, to improve the quality of life and sustain the environment. 

Who We Are

We are a world-class company with an aspiration of becoming the best integrated energy business in the world by 2025.


We seek to generate 10,000 MW of power per day, plant 1 billion trees and have 20 million solar retail customers by 2020.

We are led by a team of seasoned professionals and partners who are keen to create an integrated energy of choice, driven by global best practices, consistent growth and efficiency whilst sustaining the environment.

Our Portfolio Of Services & Products

Solar Business

Our key areas of focus include; Solar Farming, Solar Commercials, Solar Retail Solutions and BIPV aiming to generate 10,000 MW of power per

Green Future

At PriVida, we aim to plant 1 billion trees via our project 10-10-10 initiative. This project is aimed at planting 10 million trees in 10 cities in 10 years by 2025.


We work in partnership with leading firms in building turnkey bio- diesel refineries. We also generate electricity using bio- technology.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to train and develop 1,000,000 trainees in renewable energy by 2020 thus developing capacity in renewable energy business. PriVida aspires to support UK businesses to generate capacity building opportunities through training, development and certification programmes.


PriVida aims to strengthen ongoing work with its partners in the United Kingdom and contribute to the growth of renewable energy business in the country.


PriVida in conjunction with its partners aims to design solutions within the UK to meet its projects in the UK and other parts of the world


PriVida matches renewable energy demand and supply, significant cost savings which can be achieved by consumers whilst saving time and resources in the process

Our Mission

Omozaphue Akalumhe with Mayor

“To be the best integrated energy business, providing energy solutions and services to sustain life and protect the environment”

‘At PriVida, we explore alternative energy sources to provide value to our customers, partners and shareholders. We go the extra mile to use the most efficient and environmentally friendly methods that will support life for today and the future. Our watch word is “Living green”.

Our Core Values:

Untitled-3 Integrity: Our actions are of the highest ethical standards whilst ensuring total honesty in everything we do.


Untitled-3 Leadership: We are the best in every business that we do and a pioneer of green energy business around the globe.


Untitled-3 Innovation: We are creative in all that we do and indeed, Research and Development is a core capability in all our businesses.


Untitled-3 Value: We deliver value for money.


Untitled-3 Excellence: We deploy innovative solutions to exceed the expectations of our customers.

We Pride Ourselves In Our Ability To Deliver Unrivalled Energy Solutions Globally

Untitled-3 A team of tested/trusted professionals with over 300 years of combined experience in the energy sector and international business


Untitled-3 Partnership with leading renewable energy service providers to:


Untitled-3 Deliver non-conventional power solutions and deploying global best practice to minimizing carbon emission.


Untitled-3 Deploy technical/management expertise to support best-in-class operations across the energy value chain.


Untitled-3 Our ability to maximize value for shareholders and investors:


Untitled-3 Commitment of our professionals and partners towards creating an integrated energy of choice, driven by global best practices, consistent growth and efficiency whilst pioneering improved environmental management practices.

Our Directors And Advisors

Brian Agmew, Chairman, PriVida UK

Over 50 years experience in thermal power systems design and operation including combined cycles, energy recovery, and energy efficiency. Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (F.I.MechE.), Chartered Engineer (C.Eng), European Engineer (EurIng).

Omozaphue Akalumhe, Director

About 30 years experience in Energy, Business Management, Consulting and Human Development in CGIAR/ IITA, Accenture, Shell, Pan Ocean and AOS Orwell. He is a member of the Institute of Directors (United Kingdom) and the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) London. He is also a member of the Northeast East Chamber of Commerce (NECC) in England, a member of the British Chamber of Commerce (BCC) as well as the Arab British Chamber of Commerce (A-BCC). Omozaphue is an ardent believer in a ‘green world’ where the energy of first choice comes from renewable sources and every tree cut-down is replaced to protect the environment.

Russell Gilbert, Advisor

Russell Gilbert has over 35 years international experience in the energy sector, mainly at Shell, where he held technical, commercial and operational management roles. Russel’s final position in Shell was

Engineering and Projects Director for Nigeria. He now devotes his time to leading and executing renewable energy projects across the world.

Our Partners




Global Renewable Energy Company in the Retail sector – pioneered solar power usage in East Africa. Currently has 100,000 customers


GAM-Solar Energy

Leading solar energy company which has provided clean potable water to more than 200,000 people via solar stations. Working with PriVida to develop 1.6 MW solar energy power supply project in South Eastern Nigeria



3D Hitech

Leading power business in Nigeria currently executing 500MW power plant and recently delivered 110MW of power



Product Health

Improving battery performance, reducing OPEX and unlocking smart customer service for the off-grid power and back-up power solutions